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How secular rituals can give our lives meaning: An interview with Sasha Sagan

Reading Time: 6 minutes The late astronomer Carl Sagan once wrote in his book Contact, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” It’s only fitting, then, that his daughter Sasha Sagan has carried on his legacy with her own book focusing on secular rituals that provide meaning in our lives. In this exclusive […]

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Hitchens’s Razor vs Bayes’s Theorem

Reading Time: 7 minutes John W. Loftus has just endorsed my forthcoming book on the Resurrection in the following manner: Hitchens’s Razor, not Bayes’s Theorem, is the proper tool to use against the “absolute baselessness” of the resurrection belief (per David F. Strauss, as quoted in this book). There’s no objective evidence for it. The testimonial evidence is abysmally […]

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If the Discovery of Alien Life Is Close, How Might This Affect Religion?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Guardian recently ran an article that provokes some interesting thought and discussion. If we are close to finding alien life (for the sake of argument, though the number of exoplanets discovered is constantly rising), how would this affect the major religions of the world? Santhosh Mathew writes: The interaction with alien life is not just being […]

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The Monsters’ Ball: CPAC.

Reading Time: 10 minutes I watched that new Cosmos show’s first episode last night. I had to reach for a tissue at the end when Neil deGrasse Tyson, the host, talked about how he’d met Carl Sagan, the famous host of the previous Cosmos incarnation. He talked about how he’d been this black teenager out of the Bronx, but […]

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Interview with skydivephil, creator of superb videos

Reading Time: 8 minutes Many of you will have come across the superb videos of skydivephil on You Tube and embedded across various forums. That is, unless you have had your heads buried in the sand. I first came across them when they critiqued william Lane Craig on the Kalam Cosmological Argument as can be seen here: