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Dear Christians: Please stop using Jesus to spread hate

Reading Time: 3 minutes I am tired of people advocating for the rights of the “unborn” at the expense of the living, especially when those affected are predominantly women, those socialized as women, and people with uteruses. Statistic after statistic of the real implications and harms of anti-choice restrictions continues to be ignored, not to mention the disproportionate effect […]

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The Catholic Church cannot credibly claim a ‘pro-life’ stance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Given its nearly 2000-year history of violence, can the Roman Catholic Church now presume to lecture anyone about a pro-life stance? Here is a shorthand historical list of twelve targets of Roman Catholic pro-death violence: 1. Pagans: a pejorative name given by Catholics to devout followers of pre-Christian Mediterranean religions, religions that were outlawed on penalty of […]

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Archbishop bars Pelosi from communion over abortion stance. This will backfire.

Reading Time: 3 minutes In what I can only assume is meant as a threat, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone just announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ineligible for communion because she supports abortion rights. He explained in a letter that her actions (defending women’s right to control their own bodies) amounted to a “grave evil” and […]

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Joseph Ratzinger, God’s own monster: An obituary before the fact

Reading Time: 13 minutes When Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, boarded the plane at Ciampino Airport, Rome, he wondered if he would be greeted by stern-faced German policemen when he landed in Munich. Since giving up his job as God’s representative on Earth, he had ensconced himself within the safety of the Vatican, protected from the […]

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The Catholic condom conundrum  

Reading Time: 5 minutes Conundrum: (noun) A confusing and difficult problem or question. You’re in love. You get married. But you don’t want kids…at least not for awhile. Maybe later. Or maybe not at all. But you definitely do not want kids now. You and your spouse are devout Catholics, so you are anti-abortion. You might also be anti-contraception, […]

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Russian priest who adopted 70 kids convicted of sexual abuse of minors

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’ll never believe what happened when a conservative religious leader adopted 70 children. I’m just kidding. You know exactly how this plays out and you’re horrified without even reading another sentence. But I’ll tell you the horrific details anyway. Nikolai Stremsky was a rector at the Holy Trinity Convent of Mercy in Saraktash—part of the Urals in Russia. […]