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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

That Time I Wandered as a Child Into an Evangelism Tent At the County Fair

Reading Time: 8 minutes I love county fairs. Always have. I love everything about them: the food, the games, the rides (well, most of them), the animals, the contests, ALL. OF. IT. I even love the weird stuff that always seems to occupy the fringes of these events (mostly). As we scoot right up the rump of Thanksgiving, let me show you some of that weird stuff I encountered there once–and then what happened afterward.

Posted inGeneral

Lord Snow: Life, Death, Immortality, and What Matters Most (LSP #51)

Reading Time: 14 minutes Originally I’d intended this post to be a retrospective and celebration of Lord Snow, but along the way I ended up wanting to talk about all the important stuff this topic carries along with it: love, socialization, quality-of-life issues, death itself, and ultimately, what actually makes for true immortality. Lord Snow was this blog in a lot of ways. I’ll show you how, today.

Posted inUncategorized

Kittens and Creationism. (FULL KITTEN UPDATE 2)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bother figured out how to jump onto the counters the other day, you see, and she’s very proud of her new ability. Instead of jumping onto the counters where she has plenty of room, however, she’s decided that the best place to do her new trick is right next to the tea shelf containing the fancy teacups and myriad of tins and cartons, with no legroom at all for a frantically-scrabbling little kitten.

Posted inReligion

No Miracles for Monsterlet

Reading Time: 8 minutes Mr. Captain and I have–or rather had–a cat we nicknamed Monster for how downright evil she was (but she was “just a little one”). She passed away yesterday. Her death reminded me of how David Marshall, among many other Christians, believes that this world we live in is the best possible world out of all possible configurations and that his god is in charge of all of it–and how wrong that belief is in reality.

Posted inReligion

I Don’t Think Anti-Gay Christians Really Trust Their God Much

Reading Time: 8 minutes Taken to the nadir, religion can become a means that truly predatory, shameless people use to gain social control and dominance over others, nothing more, and it is used or deployed rather than practiced or believed; the folks doing this might act like zealots, but really what they are is frauds who’ve found an angle–a foolproof one. And that’s why this week I was struck anew by just how little these zealots appear to truly trust in their god.

Posted inReligion

How Cat-Tipping Taught Me To Be Gentle To Myself.

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s a gorgeous super-early-Monday morning; insomnia’s got me watching the dawn while the cowcat is having a Grooming Emergency beside me, and her frantic grooming session reminded me of something I realized not long ago. The birds are singing, the world’s waking up, and I was just thinking about the importance of being gentle to […]

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