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Memo to GOP: Patriotism Isn't Tied to One's Religious Beliefs

Reading Time: 3 minutes A number of atheists groups (as well as religious ones) have sent a letter to five Republican members of Congress after they denigrated individuals and groups for their dubious or non-existent ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. We may not support government endorsement of religion but we also don’t believe a person’s faith should disqualify them […]

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Center For Inquiry's Statement About the Colorado Tragedy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Earlier today, I criticized a statement from an atheist speaking about the Colorado tragedy, not on behalf of his organization (though it seemed that way from the article), but on his own. The Center For Inquiry’s Ron Lindsay put out a statement today on behalf of the entire organization. It’s brief, but it’s exactly the […]

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Alexander Aan: Both a Symbol and a Real Person in Need

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many of the bigger secular and civil rights organizations have been making noise about the case of Alexander Aan, the 30-something civil servant of West Sumatra, Indonesia, who was beaten by an angry mob and then arrested and convicted… all for stating his atheism on Facebook. At the Center for Inquiry (where I work), Aan’s […]

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Edwina Rogers' Speech at the Women in Secularism Conference

Reading Time: < 1 minute At the Center for Inquiry’s 2012 Women in Secularism Conference, the Secular Coalition for America‘s new Executive Director Edwina Rogers spoke about the group’s mission, key issues, and how “Religiously Motivated Legislation Particularly Harms Women”: Because of prior obligations (and as a last-second addition to the conference), Rogers was unable to do a Q&A during […]

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The Intersection of Non-Theism and Feminism

Reading Time: < 1 minute At the Center for Inquiry’s 2012 Women in Secularism Conference, FFRF’s Annie Laurie Gaylor moderated a panel discussion on “The Intersection of Non-Theism and Feminism” featuring Sikivu Hutchinson, Rebecca Watson, Ophelia Benson, and Jennifer McCreight. I haven’t had a chance to watch the full discussion yet, but if any particular parts stand out for you, […]

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Playing a North Dakota-Size Religion Card

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over at the Center for Inquiry, we’re trying to get a little more attention for a very troubling development in North Dakota, and I’m hoping against hope that the Friendly Atheist readership in the Roughrider State is huge. For the sake of my sanity, I will presume this to be the case. Listen: There is […]

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