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An Interview About the Future of the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy

Reading Time: 11 minutes The Humanist Community at Harvard — headed by Greg Epstein, with Chris Stedman serving as Interfaith and Community Service Fellow — is about to undergo some big changes. Not only are some new hires coming from Secular Student Alliance affiliate groups, a brand new community is being created at Stanford University headed by Jonathan Figdor […]

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Are These Cases of Anti-Atheist Discrimination or Private Businesses Doing What They Want?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Earlier this month, the Dallas–Fort Worth Coalition of Reason started an advertising campaign called “Our Families Are Great Without Religion.” Their plan was to have the following ad play on movie theater screens before the films began: After getting rejected by one theater that had a “no religious advertising” policy, the Angelika Film Center in […]

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CFI Ready to Help Those Harmed by Homeopathy

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Center for Inquiry affiliate in Canada is assisting in going after distributors of homeopathic medicine in a $30 million lawsuit. You may argue that homeopathic medicine is, by definition, useless… so what’s the harm? However, if people take the fake medicine in lieu of actual medicine, their bodies could be getting worse when they […]

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Women in Secularism Conference: $25 Registration for 25 Students

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Center For Inquiry has this fantastic conference about Women in Secularism coming up next month in Arlington, Virginia. (The audience will hopefully include men, too.) Given the unique nature of this conference, I was worried that the registration cost ($219 for non-CFI members) might deter a lot of people from attending. But there’s now […]

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Fight Cancer and Faith Healers At Once

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Center for Inquiry on Campus members at Broward College in Florida are holding a fundraiser for their Light the Night team — they want to help atheists raise $1,000,000 to fight cancer. They got a pretty decent speaker, too: James Randi: Randi is giving a talk called “Faith Healers: Fake Healers.” The event is […]

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My Speech at the Reason Rally

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here’s the full recap. And here’s the speech I prepared… whether it came out this way or not, I have no idea. I was distracted by the crowd of 1,000,000. It has taken many people many years to put together this event and I hope everyone has a great time. But if you go home […]

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The Atheist Panelist Shows Them Up Every Week

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Ottawa Citizen runs a feature each weekend called “Ask the Religion Experts” where they invite representatives from different faith — and no faith — backgrounds to comment on a general religion-related question. (So, in other words, there’s one expert…) The online version isn’t formatted well, but it’s a good use of a religion section. […]

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Speaking at Michigan State University Next Week

Reading Time: < 1 minute Just one more day until Spring Break! And then, I’ll finally have time to start working on that Reason Rally speech… In any case, I’ll be visiting Michigan State University next Thursday (March 29th). The Center for Inquiry group on campus is bringing me out there to talk about how to make math class a […]

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