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Christian outlets seek to trash Obama with a decade-old interview

Reading Time: 2 minutes The opening paragraph in a Christianity Daily report dated April 5, 2022, report reads, “The former president’s religious beliefs were often shrouded in mystery, which is why one political commentator took it upon himself to do the research.” Despite referring to Obama as “the former president” the author, Olivia Cavallaro, would have known that the […]

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Where Mark Driscoll’s Been Lately (LSP #80)

Reading Time: 7 minutes From the beginning, I figured Mark Driscoll began blogging to help bury his disgrace. When he arrived to Patheos, he prompted a tempest-in-a-teapot. I figured early on that he probably wouldn’t last long once the novelty wore off. As it turns out, he lasted longer than I expected! But he’s dribbling to a close, it feels like.

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Why Christians Need Satan to Be An Idiot

Reading Time: 9 minutes When I was a Christian, every single Christian I knew had two completely contradictory opinions about Satan. First, everyone thought he was beyond infernally intelligent. But second, everyone thought he was a stone-cold IDIOT. If anything, this opinion holds even truer today than it did decades ago. Let’s look at both sides of that coin, and maybe see why the coin exists at all.

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The Trouble with Tribbers.

Reading Time: 8 minutes A long time ago I wrote about fundagelical preppers and how the doom-preparation community had been taken over by fundagelical zealots fearing Rapture and Armageddon. There are some new developments in that story–but first, here are some new Rapture scares to look at!

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Medicine vs. Exorcism: The Real Miracle.

Reading Time: 8 minutes One of the biggest markers of modern Christianity–and one of the reasons it is eventually going to fall apart–is that its adherents are incapable of testing and evaluating their ideas in a credible way, which leads them to do really harmful things to themselves and others as they flail around with their magical thinking in hopes of fixing problems that magical thinking just can’t fix.

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News from the World of Gozer. (Update Time!)

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ve been reading a lot lately about the strange shift in right-wing Christians’ morality over the last ten years. As I read, I found myself wondering how that shift has applied in realtime to the various Christian leaders who’ve been caught misbehaving. I began to look for information about what they’ve been doing since their various downfalls, and began noticing a trend. See if you can see it too.

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It’s 2017: How Did Charisma’s 2016 Prophecies Go?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Well, gang, it’s the beginning of a new year–which obviously means that all the Christian charlatans are coming out of the woodwork with their new crop of false prophecies! But wait, they haven’t even looked at their 2016 prophecies yet to see how accurate they were! Fine, fine–we’ll do that for them today, and I’ll even show you why Christians of a certain type really get into prophecy.

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