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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inThe Secular

Giving Without God: Smashing the myth that nonbelievers don’t do charity

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few years back, writing for The Freethinker magazine, Dale Debakcsy seized my attention with the opening paragraph of a piece in which he pointed out that nonbelievers are increasingly involved in charitable projects despite their scanty, but growing numbers and limited resources. That paragraph read: One of the few remaining lifeboats jettisoned from the […]

Posted inReligion

Let’s Play: Beach Reach Training!

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we had a refresher about Beach Reach. That’s the annual Spring Break missionary trip sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Every year, hundreds of young SBC-lings converge on a beach in Texas to offer various free services to partying college students. Of course, they only offer these services to […]

Posted inReligion

George Barna: Hucksters Can’t Stop Huckstering

Reading Time: 9 minutes About a year ago, we had a good laugh at George Barna and his shrill attempts to sell evangelicals his products through the use of fear and dread. It was a pleasing chaser for the sour scariness of his dystopian world-domination plans. Well, he didn’t learn a thing after evangelicals largely ignored his sales pitches last year. Lately, he’s returned with another attempt to frighten evangelicals into buying his product. Today, we ask why hucksters like George Barna just can’t stop, well, huckstering.

Posted inReligion

5 Non-Supernatural Claims Christians Make (and Why They’re Not Credible Either).

Reading Time: 11 minutes It’s not hard to poke holes in Christianity’s supernatural claims. Anybody with a reasonable grasp of history or science can do it. Entire websites exist to debunk this or that supernatural claim, and I’ve written extensively about them. But there’s more to their worldview than just those supernatural claims! And today we’ll be examining some of those other ones.

Posted inReligion

Even Going At It From the Non-Literalist Angle, It’s Still Not Credible

Reading Time: 8 minutes One of the big mistakes non-believers make–especially those who’ve never been believers themselves–is to assume that all Christians are Biblical literalists. Most Christians are not literalists and would find the idea of the entire Bible being literally true to be purely nonsensical. We’re going to be talking about some of the claims Christians make that aren’t mythological, but first I wanted to briefly mention something that I think could otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

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