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News About Mars: How Science Progresses

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi and welcome back! It’s miserably hot in my house today and I can’t get anything done while I’m this hot, so this won’t be a long post. I just saw this story recently and loved it. Today, let me show you some science news about Mars, and what it says about the progress of […]

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A Pastor’s Apology in Portland (Revealed Way Too Much)

Reading Time: 7 minutes On Sunday, I showed you something that happened to me in my freshly-deconverted days. That wasn’t the only thing that happened that day, however. See, the pastor of that church accidentally let slip something huge to me. It turned out to be a truth I really needed to hear. Today, let me show you what else happened, and what it revealed to me at a very critical stage.

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Summit: Claiming Victory Is the Same as Achieving It

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we checked out an apologetics outfit called Summit Ministries. They sell apologetics courses to teens and young adults. At the time, we examined their course offerings and pricing, determining them to be just the same old apologetics repackaged for kids today, da yoot. Today, I want to show you how […]

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Married Evangelicals Are Not Okay: Pandemic Edition

Reading Time: 10 minutes People don’t know the grim reality of evangelicals’ marriages, much less why this whole pandemic situation is tearing apart the already-shaky foundation of those marriages. So today, let me show you why evangelical marriages face challenges right out of the gate — and why lately, their facade is crashing right down to the ground.