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The argument from misunderstanding evolution

Reading Time: 7 minutes In my last post, we looked at four (bad) arguments for the existence of God presented by Tim Keller in Chapter 8 of The Reason for God. I call them the Argument from Inexplicability, the Argument from Fabricated Probabilities, the Argument from Wishing, and the Argument from Regularity. As I’ve often pointed out, not only are […]

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Grading Evangelists’ Evidence (With Jessica Walter GIFs)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! The never-ending fever-dream of 2021 continues apace. This past week, the world lost a comic genius when Jessica Walter passed away at 80 years of age. The actress long ago embedded herself in America’s consciousness with her iconic turns in Arrested Development and the animated series Archer — playing a classy, strong-willed, patently-dishonest, beyond-irreverent, […]