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‘Christian Love’ Flows As Jen Hatmaker Divorces

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! I know nobody’s surprised when we talk about evangelical hypocrisy. They’re soaking in it! However, today’s story might represent one of the more egregious recent examples of that trope. Jen Hatmaker, a popular Christian speaker/author, recently announced her impending divorce. As expected, most people responded with compassion. But one group has decided to […]

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Mark Regnerus Will TOTALLY Fix Marriage, Y’all!

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we looked at a really awful post by pseudoscientist Mark Regnerus on Christianity Today. In it, he held forth on what he saw as a very serious crisis in the state of marriage. Mostly, he blamed it on a mixture of evil secularism, feminism, technology, and heathenry-in-general (ESFTH). But his post […]

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No, ‘The Church’ Can’t Save Marriage, Mark Regnerus

Reading Time: 12 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, I ran across an article in Christianity Today that dovetails nicely with a recent topic we discussed about single women leaving Christianity. This new article concerned the dwindling number of married people in evangelicalism. Written by woo pseudo-social-scientist Mark Regnerus, the article sounds a warning bell to the tribe and calls upon […]

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Measuring Evangelical Hypocrisy in ‘The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience’

Reading Time: 8 minutes Yesterday, I showed you an overview of a classic evangelical book from 2005: The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience, by Ronald J. Sider. Its author sought to persuade evangelicals to start pretending they took Jesus’ commands more seriously — because they commit hypocrisy to an extent and to a degree that suggests that they believe someone’ll set them on fire forever after they die if they don’t. Today, I’ll show you some of Sider’s findings that condemn evangelicals, and his response to it all in the end.

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Married Evangelicals Are Not Okay: Pandemic Edition

Reading Time: 10 minutes People don’t know the grim reality of evangelicals’ marriages, much less why this whole pandemic situation is tearing apart the already-shaky foundation of those marriages. So today, let me show you why evangelical marriages face challenges right out of the gate — and why lately, their facade is crashing right down to the ground.

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