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Pointless Parables

Reading Time: 4 minutes Some of the New Testament parables are pretty good. They make a useful point, and they add to our moral vocabulary. I explore a few of the recent apologetic parables that, unfortunately, weren’t made to the same standard.

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Churches and the Corporate Org Chart

Reading Time: 4 minutes Economic growth results from companies producing goods and services that actually help customers and that they’re willing to pay for. And companies are organized to produce those goods and services effectively and efficiently. But what about churches, which produce neither goods nor services? How are THEY organized? (This is a guest post from Richard S. Russell.)

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Finding Jesus Through Board Games

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s explore an interesting twist on a popular board game. The resulting game has the motivation of the game completely disconnected with the actions within the game, so it looks like it won’t sell too well. But this broken game parallels Christianity very closely.

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Don’t Move the Goalposts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Apologists often say about the puzzling questions at the limits of science, “If you can’t answer them, we can!” For the old questions (such as “What causes disease?” or “What causes drought?”) this claim is now laughable. Why is Christianity’s claim to answer the new questions any less so?

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Can Christian Scholars Be Objective?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Christian scholar Michael Licona recently made one small challenge to the inerrancy of scripture, and that intellectual honest cost him his job. This shows what can happen if a Christian scholar follows the facts where they lead. More importantly, it means that anything written by a Christian scholar bound by his university’s statement of faith is suspect.

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On 11/11/11, Let’s Crank it to 11!

Reading Time: 3 minutes You only get one Spinal Tap day every century—11/11/11—and today is it. Spinal Tap was a fictional heavy metal group whose amps had dials that didn’t stop at 10 but went to 11. Today is a day to crank it to 11 by considering some similar nonsensical thinking within Christianity.

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