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The Daughters of Men.

Reading Time: 9 minutes (TW: Misogynistic asshole fundie fathers brainwashing their daughters ahead. Survivors, proceed with your spoons out.) Recently this video popped up on The Friendly Atheist’s blog about a pastor who has explicitly said he will be teaching his sons to be independent, but his daughters not to be independent. No, rather than commit such a horrible […]

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Carrying the Burden (of Proof).

Reading Time: 11 minutes The burden of proof is a term used in debates that indicates who has to prove a claim that’s been put forth. As RationalWiki puts it, the burden of proof is the obligation that somebody presenting a new or remarkable idea has to provide evidence to support it. It is not anybody’s responsibility to disprove […]

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Mike Warnke: A Cult of “Before” Stories

Reading Time: 9 minutes Today, let me show you one of the most devastating things that happened to me when I was Christian. It was how I discovered that my god didn’t mind at all if his followers represented him through lying in flagrantly dishonest ways. It was also how I discovered that one of the most important beliefs my church taught wasn’t true: Jesus didn’t transform people at all.

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