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The Truth About Christianity

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi and welcome back! As many people do now, I feel disquiet and dread when I check out what Christians are doing lately. And I’m not just talking about the obvious ones shooting protesters and screeching about their worship of Donald Trump. To me, the range of behavior we see in Christians reflects the cardinal […]

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Owen Benjamin and His Personal Army (Collided With Reality)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, Patreon deplatformed an alt-right guy named Owen Benjamin. He decided to hit back at them in a novel way that has backfired in not only his own face but those of the fanboys who decided to act as his personal army. Today, let me show you what happens when someone’s personal army turns out to be the Persians, not the Spartans.

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Paul Petersen: A New Hypocrite Illustrating Old Flaws

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Long ago, we established that Christian hypocrites in elected positions behaving badly no longer qualified as weird enough to remark upon, right? But this one all but cries out for our attention here. His case exposes some deep and old flaws in his end of Christianity. This one’s got it all: […]

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The VelociPastor: 1.21 Gigawatt Review!

Reading Time: 20 minutes HI and welcome back! Last post, I put up the pre-movie chatter post. Today, let’s have the full review! I loved it. And amazingly, it actually turned out to be incredibly relevant to our interests. The VelociPastor is, simply put, the most amazing bad movie I’ve ever seen. It’s a labor of love with a serious story […]

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Christians (Still) Suck at Making Parables

Reading Time: 9 minutes I wanted to take a quick detour to show you one of the two incidents that inspired me to begin blogging. This first incident involves a terrible Christian who trotted out a miserable little fantasy he called a parable. Today, I’ll show you a rundown of what parables are, why Christians’ parables in general suck, and how one of those Christians helped inspire me to begin blogging.

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Where Mark Driscoll’s Been Lately (LSP #80)

Reading Time: 7 minutes From the beginning, I figured Mark Driscoll began blogging to help bury his disgrace. When he arrived to Patheos, he prompted a tempest-in-a-teapot. I figured early on that he probably wouldn’t last long once the novelty wore off. As it turns out, he lasted longer than I expected! But he’s dribbling to a close, it feels like.

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