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Abuse of Faith: The SBC Braces For a Long-Overdue Reckoning

Reading Time: 8 minutes Tonight, two Texas news outlets prepare to unleash a major report regarding an epidemic of abuse in Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) churches. They titled it Abuse of Faith. I can well imagine how the SBC’s top leaders must be bracing for it! Today, I’ll show you a little of what those leaders are afraid will come out in it–and what their reaction so far looks like.

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When Evangelists Play Deceptive Games

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last time we met up, we covered a book about evangelism called Soul-Winning Made Easy, by C.S. Lovett. Like most of these sorts of guides, this one asks its readers to deceive their evangelism targets about what kind of game they’re playing. In fact, a lot of Christian evangelism tactics commit that same kind of deception. Using that book’s patent-pending X-Ray Approach Technique, I’ll show you what I mean.

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What That “Angry at God” Accusation Really Means

Reading Time: 10 minutes Out of every accusation belligerent Christians fling at those who reject their sales pitches, the one about us being angry at God has to be one of the most baffling and irritating. But Christians make this accusation for some very important reasons. Today, I’ll show you what those reasons are–and what this accusation really means.

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Why Christians Need Satan to Be An Idiot

Reading Time: 9 minutes When I was a Christian, every single Christian I knew had two completely contradictory opinions about Satan. First, everyone thought he was beyond infernally intelligent. But second, everyone thought he was a stone-cold IDIOT. If anything, this opinion holds even truer today than it did decades ago. Let’s look at both sides of that coin, and maybe see why the coin exists at all.

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Can Christians Restart the Satanic Panic?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Last time, we looked at the dishonest testimony of a totally-for-realsies ex-Satanist turned evangelist, John Ramirez. But we noticed a worrisome trend in the new crop of similar testimonies, and we must ask: Did Christians love the Satanic Panic so much that they’re trying their best to restart it? And can they restart a moral panic that ended so long ago? Well, we’re going to see if we can find answers to those questions.

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The SBC Returns To Business As Usual

Reading Time: 9 minutes This past week, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) apparently decided that enough time had elapsed between all their various scandals that they could re-open shop for business as usual. I want to show you how some of these disgraced leaders are trying their best to make a comeback–and why they will succeed, and then fail.

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Mark Driscoll’s Miracle, His ZOMG MEERKUL YAWL (LSP #61)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Mark Driscoll’s been a busy boy lately. Not on his blog. That’s gone almost two solid months without an update. I mean in real life. But he has a clickbait update-that-isn’t-an-update for his readers that, as usual, explains nothing–except his own need to glorify himself. Today, Lord Snow Presides over Mark Driscoll’s ZOMG MEERKUL YAWL.

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The Broken System: Change From Within (Is Impossible)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Through members’ own effort, goes the logic, they can return the system to its original values, even get it moving again toward its stated goals. But this teaching is as wrong as wrong could ever possibly be. If anything, this teaching is even more wrong than the supernatural claims made in service to that primary mandate.

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