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Donald Trump Jr. and the Lessons Authoritarians Learn

Reading Time: 6 minutes One long-running interest of mine has been authoritarianism — and its effects on individuals. We got a real object lesson in that topic this week. Donald Trump Jr. released a video a few days ago in which he released his most cringey weirdness yet. Today, let me show you what he said — and how his behavior reveals his authoritarian nature and upbringing.

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What ‘Christ’ Really Adds to Christmas

Reading Time: 7 minutes They’re 1000% certain that we’re missing out on the full meaning of Christmas because we don’t celebrate the holiday the same way they do. So today, let’s find out just what ‘Christ’ adds to ‘Christmas,’ what happens when he’s removed from the festivities, and why evangelicals are so angry about secular Christmas celebrations.

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The Birth of Jesus: Anything But Heartwarming

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! It’s very nearly Christmas, that special, magical time of year when Christians celebrate the arrival on Earth of their god’s future human sacrifice. Oh wait. I mean, the birth of their savior. As you might guess, I don’t consider this myth nearly as admirable as the vast majority of Christians do. Today, […]