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My 6-year-old’s best friend invited him to church—and the church paid him to do it

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last weekend, my youngest son invited his best friend to come over and play. They had a great time. They played video games, built some Lego creations, and somehow made enough slamming and banging noises throughout the house to make me think we invited his entire first-grade class over. But when they took a break […]

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The Big Church Meeting in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #115, Ch. 10)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Finally, we enter the big scene Peretti set up as the big conflict from the start of the novel: a church voting scene. We’ll look at how this scene might have resonated with Peretti as an author, and what it actually accomplishes in the novel’s setting. Today, Lord Snow Presides over a scene that demonstrates just how far from reality evangelical pastors’ lives truly are.

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How Evangelicals Handle Doubt

Reading Time: 6 minutes I visited another local church yesterday, and as usual it left me with some…thoughts. Friends on social media seem a bit perturbed that I keep doing this to myself, but I have good reasons for it. My family is one of many torn apart by the culture wars that have been driving wedges between loved […]

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What’s a Church For, Anyway?

Reading Time: 9 minutes I recently wrote about a revelation of sorts that I feel I need to unpack a bit more. I attended a large Baptist church in an affluent community not too far from where I live and witnessed first-hand how sincerely some white evangelicals are struggling to understand why all their valiant efforts at winning the […]

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