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It Gets Better: A Letter to Doubters

Reading Time: 4 minutes [Today’s guest post is written by Matt Oxley of Eastman, GA] I remember thinking – knowing really, during that indescribably difficult and painful time of my life when all of my doubts were finally being dealt with – that this darkness and self-hatred was something I was destined to endure until I died. I remember this feeling, hopelessness, being […]

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Exiting Far East: Food, Glorious Food.

Reading Time: 10 minutes When I was younger, I always had a very complicated relationship with food, and moving to a very foreign country brought that relationship into sharp focus. It’s very true that the last place in an immigrant’s house to assimilate is the pantry, and this old saying applies equally to an emigrant’s house. I was surprised […]

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How Christian Leaders Fleece Their Sheep

Reading Time: 7 minutes It always makes me boggle when I hear Christians comparing themselves to sheep. It’s like they have no idea why shepherds keep sheep: for their fleece, their milk, and their meat. There’s a fundamental disconnect there between fantasy and reality, but the disconnect is hardly new. And that disconnect richly serves the interests of the people benefiting from all that fleece.

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The Challenge of an Atheist Outlier

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ve always had a knack for feeling out of place wherever I am.  I don’t know why this keeps happening to me, but I can’t seem to escape it.  It has always been true of my professional life and it usually holds true in my personal life as well.  I’ve taught on many a faculty […]

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