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The origins of circumcision: Was it a mark of slavery?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nothing says religious belief better than disfiguring your own genitalia. Or better still, someone else’s. But, seriously, why? From a philosophical point of view, and considering OmniGod (all-powerful, -knowing, and-loving) who designed and created everything, the procedure of circumcision, the removal of the foreskin from the penis, is bizarre. Why would God, who designed human […]

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Op-ed: Government & Religion

Reading Time: 5 minutes IN November the UK Government launched an Independent Faith Engagement Review, headed by the Director of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, Colin Bloom, above. The review into ‘how best the government should engage with faith groups in England’ concluded on December 11. The consultation prompted Professor John Radford, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of East London, […]

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Harvard man sacked for 'anti-Semitic' circumcision show

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beneath a recently uploaded YouTube video of his one-man show Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story, anti-circumcision activist Eric Clopper revealed that Harvard has sacked him – and that he has launched a crowdfunding campaign for $100,000 dollars he needs to fight the university’s decision. In May, after Clopper presented his show in the […]

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Denmark's bid to ban male circumcision hits the buffers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Denmark’s ruling Liberal Party has come out against a ban on the circumcision of young boys, meaning a controversial citizen’s proposal is unlikely to make it through parliament. According to this report, the citizen’s proposal for the ban had received 44,685 votes at the time of writing, bringing it within a whisker of the 50,000 […]

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UK doctor faces prosecution over Islamic circumcision

Reading Time: 2 minutes The mother of a boy who was circumcised against her wishes is seeking to challenge a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decision taken last November not to prosecute the doctor who carried out the procedure. According to this National Secular Society report, via the Sunday Times, the boy was in such pain after he was ritually […]

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UK judge prevents girl from being taken to India for FGM

Reading Time: 2 minutes A UK court has banned an Indian-origin family from flying their baby daughter to India because she is at risk of being subjected to an ‘utterly unacceptable’ genital mutilation procedure. According to this report, judge Robert Jordan at Manchester County and Family Court recently ruled that the child, who will turn two this year, is […]

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Circumcision ban 'would hand Hitler a posthumous victory'

Reading Time: 5 minutes A heated debate has erupted in the wake of Iceland’s plan to abolish male infant circumcision – a ban that, according to  UK Jewish academic Dr Irene Lancaster, above, should be rigorously opposed by all observant Jews, even if it means breaking the law. Writing under the headline “Banning circumcision would give Hitler a posthumous […]

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Icelandic lawmakers are acting 'like Nazis' over circumcision

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jewish leaders in four Nordic countries have reacted angrily to a ban on non-medical circumcision proposed by Icelandic lawmakers. In an open letter deploring a bill that would prohibit the genital mutilation of male infants, Aron Verständig, Dan Rosenberg-Asmussen, Ervin Kohn and Yaron Nadbornik referred to the Nazi prohibition on brit milah, Jewish ritual circumcision. They […]

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'Militant secularists are after our kids' says US law professor

Reading Time: 4 minutes Conservative Catholic thinker and Princeton University law professor Robert George claimed in Washington on October 24 that, as societies throughout the world become increasingly secularised, some militant secularists will be not content with simply allowing people of faith to worship in their own homes and temples. According to this report, George, who had previously served […]