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Religion as a predator

Reading Time: 4 minutes Analogies are often tenuous, stretched to the point of breaking. But they can also be useful in understanding phenomena and the world around us. Indeed, a stretched analogy is like silly putty. If you stretch it slowly, it will hold together and make sense. If you stretch it quickly, it will snap apart. That, there, […]

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Pre-Trib Research Center: Taking Reality Over Fantasy

Reading Time: 7 minutes Yesterday, I showed you the Pre-Trib Research Center. Their three stated reasons for existing all amounted to testable claims, and all three turned out to be true only in the short term and only with adherents who took that game way too seriously. As I wrote about these guys, my mind kept returning to one central idea: how much better and easier my life’s been since I rejected my previous foundation of false beliefs and now fully embrace reality instead.

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The Big Coincidences Build in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #152, Ch. 33-34)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! Now, let’s turn our attention to the finale gaining steam in Frank Peretti’s 1986 Christian pipe dream, This Present Darkness. In this installment, all of our main and secondary characters come together at last in preparation for the confrontation to come. Also, Edith Duster makes a surprise return! Y’all, these chapters have […]

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How Religion Hijacks the Weirdness of Liminal Spaces (Pre-Easter Post)

Reading Time: 10 minutes I want to dive into the way that liminal spaces affect us–and how they’ve impacted humanity’s view of religion ever since we realized what they were. Often, they’re at least partially responsible for those sometimes-spooky, mysterious experiences people have that they can’t explain: That One Weird Thing That Happened Once (TOWTTHO), which they often attribute to the supernatural. But they’re not supernatural. They’re perfectly natural. And today, I’ll show you how they work.

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The Idaho Earthquake Is NOT A Sign of the Endtimes, Sorry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Just as I was wrapping up my post yesterday evening, my state experienced a very strong earthquake. Immediately, fundagelicals leapt into action by declaring it a sign of the Endtimes. Today, let me show you a little bit about what this prediction involves, why fundagelicals keep making failed predictions like it, and what’s really going on here.

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How Positive Thinking Backfires

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about the cult of positive thinking. That’s an ideology that insists that people must maintain a attitude of perfect positivity in order to affect reality itself with their very thoughts. And today, I’ll show you the harm this mindset produces. (Previous posts in this series: Rethinking the Power […]

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