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The Sad Reality of (Right-Wing) Disinformation

Reading Time: < 1 minute The reaction of this woman in this fascinating video is so depressing… It is uncontrolled confirmation bias, backfire effect and cognitive dissonance all rolled into one. I’m not sure you can actually do anything about this because every action you take is met with the burying of heads in the sand. Stay in touch! Like A Tippling […]

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Big News: Evangelicals Drop Their War Against Abortion! [Satire]

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, evangelicals made some stunning concessions regarding their ongoing war against human rights. Yes, they finally understand exactly what they’re doing in fighting against legalized, accessible abortion care. I suppose they’ll soon be dropping their entire culture war against abortion now that they understand how important bodily self-ownership is, right? .. Right? Um, guys..?

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Cognitive Dissonance: (Not) Answering the Big Question

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about cognitive dissonance — that uncomfortable state people get into when they realize they hold contradictory beliefs. The people who take Christianity the most seriously seem to be the most afflicted by it. We’ve seen how Christians respond (poorly) to cognitive dissonance in general and also regarding prayer. Today, […]

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Cognitive Dissonance: Christian Prayer Edition

Reading Time: 9 minutes Recently, we talked about cognitive dissonance — that unpleasant feeling of tension someone gets when they realize they hold two contradictory beliefs. Christians face that tension all the time and about every belief involved with the religion (supernatural and earthly). Unfortunately, they don’t deal with that tension very well. Today, I want to show you how Christians’ beliefs in prayer create cognitive dissonance — and how they deal (poorly) with it.

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How NOT to Deal With Cognitive Dissonance

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, we talked about cognitive dissonance. That’s the unpleasant emotional state we get into when we get close to realizing we hold two contradictory beliefs. Christianity induces a lot of cognitive dissonance in its believers, and they’ve evolved a number of ways of dealing with it — none of them constructive. Today, let me show you how not to deal with cognitive dissonance.