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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inComedy

Comedian Marc Maron crushes a Christian heckler

Reading Time: 2 minutes Different comedians deal with hecklers in different ways. I heard Jerry Seinfeld likes to take a moment and ask the person what’s wrong and get the crowd to play therapist for the heckler. Comedian Marc Maron isn’t Jerry Seinfeld. You may know Marc from his stand-up (Too Real), his old IFC show Maron, his WTF […]

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Christian Kids Couldn’t Watch These Cartoons

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Cartoons Christian Kids Weren’t Allowed To Watch is well worth your two and a half minutes. Comedian John Crist tells true tales of kids and the cartoons they couldn’t watch because Jesus didn’t approve. Take a gander. I was lucky.  My religious parent were negligent and lazy. They didn’t mind me watching hours of […]

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Gun Fanatics, Republicans, And Fascists Exposed!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series Who is America is taking on the lunacy that is the United States of America. ‘Who Is America?’ Guests, In Their Most Gullible Moments reveals the most crazy moments of the show. Take a gander! And, hey, if you’re at work, put on some earphones. Your boss doesn’t think this clip […]

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A Special Mother’s Day Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Let me tell you guys a story about my mom, Rebecca Gansburg Sankey. When I was young, for a few years me and my brothers went to school in a one room Christian schoolhouse type situation inside our church. At most there were like 23 kids in the entire school any given year, one […]

Posted inComedy

3 Jokes On Dating

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sure, I’ve dated younger people. And I’ve dated older people. And the funny thing is that regardless of the other person’s age I’m still a jerk. That’s a joke. Kinda sorta. I tell my kids the most difficult thing they’re ever going to do is be in a relationship. The skill set to be in […]

Posted inComedy

Michelle Wolf’s Funny Pieces

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ah, Michelle Wolf, you are a veritable fountain of disdain and comedy. As many of you know, she did a colorful set at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Colorful in the sense the rhetorical fireworks exploded beautifully in the face of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But you maybe thinking What else has she done? What funny […]

Posted inUncategorized

3 Jokes About FOX News

Reading Time: < 1 minute FOX News has escaped a lot of my satirical commentary. I apologize for that oversight. This morning’s Poe Richard Spencer Joins Fox & Friends hopefully made up for it. I’ll tell you one thing that’s scaring me and it’s Lawrence Kudlow. He’s Trump’s new economic advisor. I’ve see Kudlow a bunch of times chat on […]

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Naked Diner Ep – 101 Comedian/Podcaster Ken Reid

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Ken Reid is a comedian who runs the incrdible podcast TV Guidance Counselor. He came into the Diner, sat down, and chatted with co-host Jack and your’s truly. Ken is brilliant and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things television and film. I dare say we out nerded ourselves in this episode! Take a […]

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