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Someone understands bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite thousands of ‘Bitcoin Explained’ blog posts, the most popular cryptocurrency remains confusing and impenetrable. We spoke to someone who believes he has a handle on it.   “I think I understand it,” said Tony Mendoza, 34, of San Diego, CA. “It’s like a credit card that you can never pay off and the balance fluctuates constantly based […]

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Catholic Church announces makeover

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Roman Catholic Church announced yesterday that the organization will change its name to Candle as part of a major rebranding. The head of the Vatican’s marketing team, Cardinal Lampeter, delivered the news. “Polling indicated that people mostly know us as a global network of pedophile-enablers,” said Lampeter. “Unfortunately, it’s hard to move forward when all […]

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An invitation to my fur-baby shower

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dearest friends and family, You are invited to my fur-baby shower! My husband and I are delighted for the soon-approaching arrival of our four-legged child. To celebrate, please meet us outside the local PetCo on Saturday at 1:00 PM sharp. We will serve hors d’oeuvres in bowls carried by servers. But plan on eating beforehand, […]

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Summer hacks for those who prefer the great indoors

Reading Time: 2 minutes Outdoor thing: Lounging by the pool INDOOR HACK: Instead of risking overexposure to those pesky UVs, draw yourself a nice, warm bath. Then, using your seasonal depression lamp that you prefer to use year-round, give yourself the illusion of sun. If you find yourself still missing the pool atmosphere, light a sunscreen-scented candle and play […]

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Pope dreams God is a standup comic

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s unusual for a Pope to share one of his dreams. In fact, it has never happened before. But what a dream he had: God as a standup comic! As the Vatican relates it, in a dream, the Pope sat with leaders of all religions in a large, darkly lit ballroom. A thousand were present. […]

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