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No, Christians Never “Earn the Right to Speak”

Reading Time: 11 minutes We couldn’t hope to find a more Christianese phrase than the odious earning the right to speak. If you wondered what the phrase means, you’re not alone! Not even Christians really understand how to do it. Here’s the skinny, and–more importantly–why the idea falls flat on its face.

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Evangelical Churn: Why Christian Leaders’ Orders Never Change

Reading Time: 13 minutes It took Christian leaders some time to recognize that yes indeed, they were facing not just a temporary situation, but rather a serious and devastating long-term decline in membership and cultural clout. They’ve finally come to a widespread recognition of the problem. They still don’t quite know why it’s happening, though–much less what they can do to reverse it. I’ll show you their main stopgap solution today–and even better, I’ll show you why it absolutely will not work.

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A Safe Guess for Anona United Methodist Church

Reading Time: 11 minutes If my blog were a sort of News of the Weird of Christianity–and I suppose in some respects it is–then this scenario would definitely qualify as no longer weird enough to make the cut. But I noticed something interesting: that I could tell something important about a church just by seeing how its members and leaders react to a scandal.