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Dominion and democracy: What Fox News avoided, for now, and what comes next

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last year, I asked a rhetorical question in the wake of the nearly one billion dollar verdict in the Alex Jones fake news case, which involved relentlessly broadcast lies stoking conspiracy theories around the Sandy Hook massacre. Yesterday, as everyone reported the settlement with Fox News and parent company Fox Corp, of $787.5 million to […]

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The boring conspiracy

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Illuminati. The Knights Templar. The Freemasons. The New World Order. The Bilderbergers. The Elders of Zion. The Deep State. Chances are, you’ve heard these names. Each of them, at one time or another, has been identified as the shadowy cabal running the planet from behind the scenes, pulling the strings to make world leaders […]

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Paul Pelosi’s attacker and Gamergate: Old conspiracy theories never die

Reading Time: 8 minutes On Friday morning, 42-year-old David DePape attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul at their home in San Francisco. Internet sleuths quickly found that his extensive internet footprint began with one of the dumbest conspiracy theories to sprout in decades: Gamergate. No matter how many years separate us from Gamergate, it never seems to go away. There’s […]

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Authority! What is it good for?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Greetings, Shoptalkers! In my last column, “Conspiracy cultivation”, I explored three rhetorical moves that our info silos share with the communities that create fringe theorists. In this week’s “Tooling Around”, let’s hash out ways that we can make the conversation less toxic. By reducing our fixation on authority “from the margins”, we can become better […]

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