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Authority! What is it good for?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Greetings, Shoptalkers! In my last column, “Conspiracy cultivation”, I explored three rhetorical moves that our info silos share with the communities that create fringe theorists. In this week’s “Tooling Around”, let’s hash out ways that we can make the conversation less toxic. By reducing our fixation on authority “from the margins”, we can become better […]

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Assessing the false claims of a COVID-19 denialist

Reading Time: 6 minutes Christian claims always have a pedigree, if our two current series, Journey Into Hell and 1st-Century Fridays, are anything to go by. I want to know the source of this particular mythology. So today, let’s check out this wingnut’s specific claims — and see, if we can, where she’s getting them and why she cherishes them so much.

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Debunking Anti-Vaccine Memes, Part II

Reading Time: 13 minutes Following from last week’s post, here are some more anti-vax falsehoods that are spreading on social media, along with their refutations: #7: The media / the government want to scare you! Memes falling into this category assert that the threat of COVID is exaggerated (or completely fictitious) and the powers that be are spreading fear […]