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Beliefs vs. Behavior: Evangelicals’ Redefinition of Occam’s Razor

Reading Time: 13 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, I mentioned briefly that White evangelicals’ own stated beliefs regarding racism contrast mightily with their actual often-very-racist behavior. Indeed, a lot of the awful stuff these Christians do should be impossible for people holding their stated beliefs. This whole topic came to me a bit ago, when we talked about an Evangelical’s […]

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The Traitors Having Trouble Finding a New Social Media Home (LSP #174)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello and welcome back! Since their thankfully-failed attack on the Capitol Building last week, America’s conservative-wingnut traitors have been getting tossed out of one social media platform after another. Slowly, all of their options are slamming shut in their faces! Today, Lord Snow Presides over the trouble traitors are having lately in finding a new […]

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Fear and Rage: Evangelicals’ Two Responses to Their Diminishing Power

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, I showed you an evangelical’s request that his tribe quit thinking so transactionally. Indeed, Mark Wingfield wanted evangelicals to change their approach not just to religion, but also to politics. He thinks evangelicals’ transactional mindset is absolutely tanking their sales — along with their reputation as a business. Whatever’s actually behind evangelicals’ losses, […]

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Dominion & Election Fraud Nonsense

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sidney Powell is a Grade A batsh!t crazy conspiracy theorist nutjob. Yes, my evaluation may be unprofessional but I seek to match the professionalism with which she is collecting her “evidence” and presenting her findings. I need not detail the utterly ridiculous assertions she is making about the dead-7-years Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, Cuba and “probably […]

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Conspiracy Theorists

Reading Time: 4 minutes I like 3lermeope: he (I presume) always brings fine wine to the party, and for that I am hugely grateful. Here, he shares a bottle with C Peterson, and they both like a good pinot:* I don’t care for the conspiracy theorist fools in the thread below spilling their truth decay effluence everywhere to see […]

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When Your Position Depends on Lying: Geocentrism Edition (LSP #167)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! Years ago, I wrote about how culture warriors’ message absolutely requires dishonesty. That was seven years ago, but very little has changed since then! Indeed, a recent story talks about geocentrists and the deceptive tactics they used to make their documentary sound more credible. And this story feels very, very familiar to […]