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The Catholic condom conundrum  

Reading Time: 5 minutes Conundrum: (noun) A confusing and difficult problem or question. You’re in love. You get married. But you don’t want kids…at least not for awhile. Maybe later. Or maybe not at all. But you definitely do not want kids now. You and your spouse are devout Catholics, so you are anti-abortion. You might also be anti-contraception, […]

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Right-wing Catholic crackpot attacks the contraceptive pill

Reading Time: 4 minutes SHE looks as mad as a hatter, and judging from a recent interview she gave to Die Zeit, Germany’s Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis is definitely one step removed from a padded cell. Last October, she grabbed the attention of Mother Jones after she and two other crazy zealots  – Gerhard Ludwig Müller, a right-wing German  […]

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Catholic bishops in Kenya ‘erroneously’ promoted condom use

Reading Time: 3 minutes JACINTA Mutegi, Executive Secretary of the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya, has been accused of departing from Catholic teaching about the use of condoms in a LifeSiteNews report. Mutegi came to LSN‘s attention because she was signatory to an “erroneous”  letter written earlier in July this year by the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) […]

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Petition demands that the Catholic Church returns to basic ‘truths’

Reading Time: 4 minutes HELL exists for sure, homosexuality remains ‘contrary to natural law and Divine Revelation’ and contraception, under no circumstances, should ever be allowed. These, and a whole bunch of other issues, are addressed in a ‘back to basics’ document which readers of LifeSiteNews are being exhorted to support via a petition. The document – “A Declaration […]

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Abortion, Contraception and Welfare – A Proposal

Reading Time: 4 minutes Note to readers:  If you are a hard-over anti-abortionist, this article is not for you.  I am looking for comments and constructive criticism from people who understand the need to explore alternative actions to limit population growth and help people trapped in the vicious circle of poverty, welfare and unsupportable children.  If you are coming […]

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A Catholic Condom Conundrum

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’re in love.  You get married.  But you don’t want kids…at least not for awhile.  Maybe later.  Or maybe not at all.  But you definitely do not want kids now. You and your spouse are devoutly Catholic or Christian evangelical, so you are anti-abortion.  You might also be anti-contraception, but that only changes the degree […]

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Persecution Complexity

Reading Time: 11 minutes Hi! I hope your weekend’s going well so far. Today I want to talk about the Christian persecution complex. Over a year ago, we talked here about the demonstrably false idea that a lot of American Christians have that they are being persecuted for their beliefs, but some stuff’s happened since then that makes me […]