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The problem with removing travel mask mandates

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am profoundly disappointed in the sudden decision to one month ago remove mask mandates from public-facing travel arenas such as airplanes. I know some people like to pretend that it’s over, but it’s not. Infection rates and hospitalization rates are both rising, according to the CDC’s tracker. Anecdotally, I know people getting COVID who […]

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Tolerating the hypocrites: religious exemptions and the problem of belief

Reading Time: 3 minutes Americans are skeptical of religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination rules. According to a recent Pew survey, two-thirds of Americans suspect that those who claim a religious exemption are “just using religion as an excuse to avoid the vaccine.” But let’s be cautious in judging other people.  It is difficult to judge the sincerity of our own beliefs. […]

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The messy problem of scientific illiteracy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Pity the poor bipedal ape. We’re a strange species, to have grown so much in shared knowledge, and still be so limited by the fragility of individual noggins. Though I have never been religious, and never believed in a god, still I share with theists the same neurological “meat” that can make personal conviction feel […]

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Anti-vaxxers to lose ALL immunizations

Reading Time: < 1 minute WASHINGTON DC – In a desperate move to ensure all eligible Americans get their coronavirus vaccinations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is vowing to revoke all previous immunizations from anti-vaxxers. If the CDC gets their way millions of conspiracy theorists who believe Bill Gates wants to microchip them through the Covid-19 vaccine […]

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Scientific horoscope Sun March 20 – Sat March 26

Reading Time: 3 minutes The scientific horoscope this week covers renewable energy, spooky action, napping, and much more! Pisces You may feel like you’re swimming upstream this week. Renewable energy faces challenges, too. Gravity may just help solve solar and wind’s biggest problem. image by @worachatsodsri Aries This week will have you charging ahead, Aries. Scientists are also moving forward! […]