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COVID-19 now haunts flu season: What other long term impacts can we expect?

Reading Time: 11 minutes It’s been a rough few days for anyone following flu season data. While China has eased zero-COVID restrictions in the face of protests, despite currently experiencing a surge in case count (along with Japan), North American hospitals face what the American Medical Association is openly calling a “tripledemic”: a wave of flu, Respiratory Syncytial Virus […]

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What’s driving panic around the BQ COVID variants?

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Friday, October 14, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released weekly COVID-19 data with a new breakdown of dominant strains for infections. These included the “sudden” emergence of BQ.1 and BQ.1.1, which had been recorded under BA.5 in earlier data, and were now prominent and rising strains when recorded separately. Together with […]

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‘Nobody should go through what I went through’—the traumatic pregnancy

Reading Time: 6 minutes CN: Sexual assault Christian crisis pregnancy centers claim to be of service to women in need. Do they serve the actual needs of women, or simply advance a particular religious agenda?  I spoke to Rebecca Trotter, a self-described “mom, writer, thinker, talker, teacher, and Christian” whose personal experience when faced with a traumatic pregnancy sheds […]

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Florida: Teen is not ‘mature’ enough for abortion, but mature enough to give birth

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Florida appellate court ruled that a pregnant 16-year-old was “not sufficiently mature” to access abortion services. The teen herself argued in her petition that she was “not ready to have a baby,” as she is still in school, does not have a job, and the father cannot assist her.  Court records say that the […]

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When denial is your brand: A pointless recount effort begins in Kansas

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite the overwhelming defeat of Kansas Amendment 2, a referendum to “affirm there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion,” and an insurmountable lack of evidence of voter fraud, nine Kansas counties are set to conduct a recount of the state’s stunning vote. After the amendment’s decisive rejection by voters, right-wing activists have worked to […]

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Who or what is a person? Elephants, A.I., abortion, and personhood

Reading Time: 4 minutes The question of personhood is central to a variety of current controversies. American courts recently considered the question of whether elephants are persons. Google fired an engineer for suggesting that a machine is sentient. And the U.S. Supreme Court argued that Roe v. Wade failed to adequately consider fetal personhood. These disputes involve a conflict […]

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Kentucky judge slams ‘theocratic’ laws in ruling protecting abortion rights

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Friday morning, Jefferson Circuit Judge Mitch Perry ruled that abortion procedures could continue in the state of Kentucky, issuing an injunction requested by two women’s health clinics in Louisville, partly because he didn’t buy the “theocratic” religious argument that life begins at conception. Attorney General Daniel Cameron wants to use the overturning of Roe […]

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