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To Catch a (Christian) Predator.

Reading Time: 10 minutes (TW: Rampant sexism. Abuse of children and women.) Hi, folks. I wanted to introduce y’all to Christian leader Bill Gothard. He’s got a folksy good-ole-boy crooked smile; he’s just the right age where an old white dude gets a lot of cachet in certain fundagelical circles, and he’s a rock star in the homeschooling/”purity culture” […]

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I Don’t Think This Is How Jesus Loved the Little Children.

Reading Time: 7 minutes (TW: Child abuse.) Meet 35-year-old dipshit and criminal Robert David Wright, who was a youth pastor. You’re already cringing, aren’t you? You know what’s coming. And you’re right. Or maybe not right enough. Robert David Wright’s home computer was found to contain all kinds of images of babies being raped. He shared these images with […]

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Reading Time: 14 minutes One of the hardest things I encountered after my de-conversion from Christianity was how to live without second-guessing everything I did, thought, said, or felt. It’s all fine to say “Well, it was you all along anyway, so all you had to do was skip to the end,” but it’s a lot harder to put […]

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We are not going to hell in a handcart

Reading Time: 8 minutes One of the most, if not the most, common arguments I seem to be having online in various places is about the notion that the world is morally bankrupt, that we are in the end days. And this is not just from theists – it is commonplace with theists and nontheists alike. It annoys me because it is so blatantly wrong and exemplifies the rose-tinted fallacy completely.

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Brain Scans Might Predict Future Criminal Behavior

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is frustrating about this article is the fact that Science Daily produced it and I saw it just as I returned from giving a talk on free will to the Dorset Humanists. Grr. I talked about similar predicitve pieces of research, such as lack of fear conditioning in toddlers and criminal records, as in Gao et al, whose research concluded: