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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReproductive rights

‘Nobody should go through what I went through’—the traumatic pregnancy

Reading Time: 6 minutes CN: Sexual assault Christian crisis pregnancy centers claim to be of service to women in need. Do they serve the actual needs of women, or simply advance a particular religious agenda?  I spoke to Rebecca Trotter, a self-described “mom, writer, thinker, talker, teacher, and Christian” whose personal experience when faced with a traumatic pregnancy sheds […]

Posted inReligion

How to Become a Volunteer for a Fake Abortion Clinic

Reading Time: 11 minutes One of the biggest lies told by fake abortion clinics is that they are actually medical clinics, meaning that they are medical offices staffed by people knowledgeable about pregnancy and facilitating and educating about all the options available for pregnant women. They’re anything but. I’ll show you the first few pages from a CPC manual scan that a reader sent to me, which ought to settle that question nicely.

Posted inReligion

Live in the Wild: An Introduction to Fake Abortion Clinics

Reading Time: 10 minutes The CPC is one of the most slickly-packaged of all of the fake women’s clinics, pretending to be about providing counsel to frightened women facing unexpected pregnancies, but it’s actually something much darker and much more malevolent than even that. And now I’ve got a copy of what is, essentially, a Pearson manual. Today, I’m going to show you what these clinics are, why they are evil incarnate, and what their general tactics are.

Posted inReligion

The PP Shootings: How the System Is Designed

Reading Time: 9 minutes I didn’t know if I could add anything to the conversation that other folks aren’t already saying and saying extremely well. But I’d been noticing something of late that I haven’t seen a lot of people discussing, and I’d like to do so now. I want to talk about how systems work, and how a system meets its goals.

Posted inReligion

When Your Position Depends Upon Lying.

Reading Time: 9 minutes As a rule of thumb, if your position depends upon lying to people to maintain itself and if you can’t use the truth alone to maintain it, it’s not the right or moral position to take. That’s why I speak out like I do against the network of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) that dot the […]

Posted inReligion

Feeling A Burden (for Atheists).

Reading Time: 8 minutes A bit of housekeeping: Richard Carrier is coming out with a book that deals with the historicity of Jesus Christ. I’m planning to get it at some point once it’s released and I’ll let y’all know what I thought. It should be interesting to see how my amateur analysis holds up. Also, I’m on Day […]

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