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God, Floods, Miracles and Evidence

Reading Time: 6 minutes I have been dipping my toes into the calm waters of the flood again – Noah’s Flood. TL;DR – it didn’t happen. It’s an argument about physical evidence, and, of course, there is no physical evidence for it – whether global or regional. Indeed, I argued it was actually more difficult to rationally establish a local […]

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Chiasms, Multiple Sources, Armstrong, and Chasms in Rationality

Reading Time: 17 minutes Welcome to another episode of “Brandolini’s Law Exemplified”, your friendly programming that has to put in all the effort where others don’t. I wrote an article on the issues with the Genesis flood account that did three things: 1) it showed how it was impossible; 2) it is drawn from earlier mythological stories; 3) there […]

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Apologies for Calling Armstrong “Disingenuous”***

Reading Time: 6 minutes Dave Armstrong very kindly retracted some of the rhetorical flourishes in one of his recent pieces. We are both surely victim to such, and it is something I must shy away from. He recently commented: You cited me: Atheist anti-theist polemicist Jonathan MS Pearce wrote in his screed… As long as Pearce keeps lying about […]

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Exodus Sidebar: Pitch – You Wouldn’t Let It Lie!

Reading Time: 14 minutes Ah, dag nam it. You wouldn’t let it lie, Armstrong. You wouldn’t let it lie! 😉 Okay, I’ll spare you all the previous, readers. Here are the links: Debunking the Exodus V: Moses’ Birth Exodus Sidebar: Refuting Armstrong’s “Refutation” on Pitch (but Oddly Not Sargon) Exodus Sidebar: More on Moses and Sargon Exodus Sidebar: Sargon […]

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Exodus Sidebar: The Final Pitch Battle

Reading Time: 16 minutes As part of my debunking the Exodus series, I’ve been involved in a prolonged debate with Dave Armstrong, in particular, regarding…pretty much everything I have stated. Let me give you a super-quick synopsis of where we are at. One of my arguments was that the Moses birth story was appropriated from the surrounding culture when […]

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Exodus Sidebar: More on Moses and Sargon

Reading Time: 9 minutes I think that Dave Armstrong believes that the purpose of my existence is merely to answer his articles that he writes against me. I hate to burst his bubble, but I have other things to do with my life that take something of a priority over responding to him. On the rare occasion that I do […]

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Exodus Sidebar: Refuting Armstrong’s “Refutation” on Pitch (but Oddly Not Sargon…)

Reading Time: 12 minutes Oh David, David, David. David “I love science as much as any atheist” Armstrong likes to see himself as the white knight, tackling my “screeds” articles and refuting them. Except, this is rarely what actually happens. He recently claimed to have refuted me on camels but after further inspection, er, hadn’t. In my last piece […]

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