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Death and the absent dancers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Fifteen years ago today, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Sr. went to his reward. Many of those who did not like Falwell were happy that he got this reward, while those who loved him were very, very sad. This is strange. At the time, many of his fellow religious believers shook stern fingers at the rest of […]

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There is a secular afterlife

Reading Time: 4 minutes My family church here in Indonesia offers an online Bible study. One day, at my parents’ request, I helped them navigate to the page. The theme of the day was “Being brave facing death.” In support, a common proverb was offered: urip mung mampir ngombe—”Life is just stopping by to drink.” The proverb invites us […]

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I want to die like a dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes After my first nonreligious parenting book came out, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a brief profile on me. A few days later, I received a handwritten letter: Dear Dale,I’m sending these booklets to you so that you know God loves you. When you die, you don’t die like a dog. You will go on forever! I’m 74 & […]

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Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Rush Limbaugh, the infamous conservative radio show host, has died of lung cancer. As I said elsewhere: So Rush Limbaugh has died. Not sure what to say that is appropriate. During his life, he was a truly horrible and dangerous human being. Or, as my friend said: “I’m not sad about this at all. He […]