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Our biggest mistake: We did as we were told

Reading Time: 7 minutes OnlySky · Our biggest mistake: We did as we were told | Neil Carter Those of us who broke up with Jesus (he wouldn’t return our calls) are accustomed to having our motives and our sincerity questioned by those still happy with their faith. We get it all the time. We hear that we weren’t authentic enough, […]

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The two main reasons I left my faith

Reading Time: 5 minutes OnlySky · The two main reasons I left my faith | Neil Carter For us ex-evangelicals, the Christian message was framed as an invitation to a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe. It wasn’t until after we accepted the invitation that they turned around and shamed us for wanting such a thing. It […]

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Why I broke up with Jesus

Reading Time: 3 minutes OnlySky · Why I broke up with Jesus | Neil Carter It’s been more than a decade since I broke up with Jesus, and people often ask me why. There were plenty of reasons, but I think the main reason is that he wouldn’t return my calls. Since I couldn’t get in touch with him myself, […]

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When therapists push religion

Reading Time: 8 minutes Leaving religion can be a very challenging undertaking, particularly in the US, and especially in communities outside of large urban centers, where unbelief is rarely the norm. Given the often daunting psychological challenges that can accompany the task of deconverting, psychiatric help can be very important. But despite what one might expect and hope for, […]

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How Phanatik’s faith pool drained

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last week, popular Christian rapper Brady Goodwin, aka Phanatik, announced his deconversion. He released a video on his Facebook account describing how it happened. And his extimony perfectly illustrates a concept I call the faith pool. Today, let me show you what this concept means and how it worked for Phanatik.