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Trump won politics. But can he win again?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can say anything you like about Trump, but he has won politics. And he’s probably going to try again, to most likely avoid jail, because let’s be honest: he certainly doesn’t need it to achieve anything political. He will never ever top this crowning achievement. Hail Trump, Lord of the Nominations, King of the […]

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Why does Christianity still dominate the Democratic Party?

Reading Time: 6 minutes When you think of Christian nationalism, Republican social conservatives probably come to mind, and for good reason. In 2020, President Trump won 59% of those who attended religious services at least monthly. Among white Americans, that number jumped to 71%. Although infamously impious himself, Trump made a point of pandering to evangelical Christians as much […]

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The Critical Race Theory fight is shaping midterm elections

Reading Time: 2 minutes In recent electoral cycles, the traditional party bases have gone through something of a seismic shift. Historically, Republicans have done well with educated, suburban voters and struggled with the working class. But Trump’s arrival upended those norms. 2016 and 2020 saw the Republican Party hemorrhage in the suburbs, as educated voters moved considerably towards the […]

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Why are midterms brutal for the party in power?

Reading Time: 5 minutes There’s something that President Biden has in common with the last two former Presidents: He is projected to have a difficult midterm election and lose the House and potentially the Senate. President Obama famously had a difficult 2010 midterm election, where Republicans gained 60 seats. President Trump also saw his party lose the House during […]

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The GOP Sustained Assault on Democracy

Reading Time: 11 minutes There are some really terrible moves being made by the GOP at all levels of politics in the US. This has arguably been going on for decades, but most pointedly so since Trump’s election in 2016. There is a very good case to suggest that the GOP is following the Viktor Orban playbook in Hungary. […]

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Kinzinger’s Family Letter: God, the GOP and Conservative Media

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are three legs to the stool upon which public opinion over Trump and the impeachment sits: God, the GOP as a tribal entity, and conservative media in its incurably rabid form. Nothing exemplifies this more acutely than the letter that Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican House Representative who voted to impeach Trump, received from […]

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Unpicking the Capitol Fiasco

Reading Time: 9 minutes The last few days weeks years five years have been incredibly damaging to US democracy, the soft power and reputation the US has in the rest of the world (nurtured back to respectability by Obama), and to the country’s social cohesion. But the conversation has often been about whether Trump was the cause or the symptom. […]