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One-and-a-half cheers for depopulation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although we can’t predict the future in detail, there are large-scale trends that make me hopeful. The blossoming of renewable energy is one of these. Let’s discuss another. Overpopulation is a common fear among those who predict catastrophe. They point to the exponential growth of humanity in the 20th century, from 1.6 billion people to […]

Posted inPolitics

How demographic change is upending American politics

Reading Time: 2 minutes Demographic change is one of the most salient shifts in American politics. A country that was once overwhelmingly white is now becoming more diverse. According to 2020 Census data, 58% of Americans identify as white, down from roughly 80% in 1980. Growing Black, Latino, Asian, and biracial populations are becoming more prominent both politically and […]

Posted inHistory

We have always been here: Secular touchstones

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some secular folks thrill to see the “nones” in North America rising. Maybe you grew up feeling isolated in your atheism. Maybe you’ve been tearing your hair out over policies based on religious edict over empirical data. Or maybe you moved from your family’s faith but never fit in anywhere else. Whatever your backstory, it’s […]

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Secular Surge

Reading Time: 3 minutes By James A. Haught The long-foreseen Secular Age is arriving at a gallop. Survey after survey finds snowballing increases of Americans who say their religion is “none.” The 2017 American Family Survey found that “nones” have climbed past one-third of U.S. adults — the highest ratio yet tallied. These churchless people have become the nation’s […]

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