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Assessing the false claims of a COVID-19 denialist

Reading Time: 6 minutes Christian claims always have a pedigree, if our two current series, Journey Into Hell and 1st-Century Fridays, are anything to go by. I want to know the source of this particular mythology. So today, let’s check out this wingnut’s specific claims — and see, if we can, where she’s getting them and why she cherishes them so much.

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Big News: Evangelicals Drop Their War Against Abortion! [Satire]

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, evangelicals made some stunning concessions regarding their ongoing war against human rights. Yes, they finally understand exactly what they’re doing in fighting against legalized, accessible abortion care. I suppose they’ll soon be dropping their entire culture war against abortion now that they understand how important bodily self-ownership is, right? .. Right? Um, guys..?

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Denial in the Great Husband Hunt: An Evangelical Horror Story

Reading Time: 12 minutes Hi and welcome back! Today, as we’ve been doing for a while now on Halloween, we turn our attention to one of the biggest horror stories in evangelicalism: the Great Evangelical Husband Hunt. This year, our tale centers on the husband-hunting evangelical women who’ve reached the denial phase of their failed hunt.  (Some previous posts about […]