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Verbose Stoic on my Free Will Chapter (II)

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a previous post, I detailed how theistic commenter here, Verbose Stoic (VS), has critiqued a chapter of mine on free will commissioned by John Loftus for his book Christianity in the Light of Science. In the first piece, we looked at definitional issues and laid the foundations. In my chapter, I used this example to […]

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Chauvin, Causality and JL Mackie’s INUS

Reading Time: 9 minutes You could be mistaken for thinking that this post was about free will. It can be, but I am more concerned with the general idea of causality in the context of Derek Chauvin’s court case to decide whether the death of George Floyd was homicide or not. Let me first introduce you to or remind you of […]

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Hard-Incompatibilism vs Hard-Determinism

Reading Time: 3 minutes As I have mentioned, I am presently reading a book by Gregg Caruso and Daniel Dennett called Just Deserts: Debating Free Will [UK]. Sometimes I wonder what to label myself as in terms of the free will debate because it all depends on what you define by the term “free will”. However, I think this passage from Gregg […]

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Free Will: Just Deserts

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am really excited to have received in the post (from Bookshop.org, the competitor to Amazon that reimburses local bookshops with 30% of the value of the book) my friend Gregg Caruso’s book with Daniel Dennett. It’s a debate book over free will called Just Deserts [UK], and this idea of just deserts looks to be the […]

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C Peterson on Quantum Indeterminacy

Reading Time: 4 minutes I recently had a discussion with C Peterson here about his understanding of quantum physics in the context of whether there is a deterministic framework underpinning reality, as this is part of a chapter for a book of my own previous and original writing, title as yet decided upon. Now, QM is a vociferously argued […]

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Analysing Breuer’s Account of Free Will

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thanks to Luke Breuer for producing his piece on free will the other day and how he thinks you can shoehorn in some level of freedom in a very deterministically constrained reality. First and foremost, please read my piece “Free Will: “We are influenced, but not determined” – the 80-20% approach invalidated”. In it, I […]