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Evangelical Churn: Why Christian Leaders’ Orders Never Change

Reading Time: 13 minutes It took Christian leaders some time to recognize that yes indeed, they were facing not just a temporary situation, but rather a serious and devastating long-term decline in membership and cultural clout. They’ve finally come to a widespread recognition of the problem. They still don’t quite know why it’s happening, though–much less what they can do to reverse it. I’ll show you their main stopgap solution today–and even better, I’ll show you why it absolutely will not work.

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Why #EmptyThePews Is Important

Reading Time: 12 minutes Recently someone started a Twitter hashtag called #EmptyThePews to encourage Christians to let the horrifying events of this week be their breaking point–and to walk away from their churches to show that they do not stand with their racist leaders. Immediately stories began pouring through that hashtag–stories about deconversion and disengagement, indignation and anger, disappointment and betrayal: vast narratives revealed in 140 characters or less. I’ll show you why this hashtag matters.

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The Defections of the Young

Reading Time: 9 minutes Today we’ll be talking about the increasingly-frantic attempts fundagelicals are making to understand and address the ever-increasing defections of young people from their ranks, and why those attempts are doomed to fail.

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Churn Rate: When They Are Grown, Apparently They DO Depart From It.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Back when I was Christian, there was one Bible verse considered to be the ultimate Christian parenting guide–one that, by itself, was all anybody needed to know when it came to raising children. I bet you already know which one I’m talking about! But it’s also one of the Bible’s many false promises. Today we’ll touch on the way this verse has changed meaning over the years, as well as why it gives Christians unnecessary frustration–and unwarranted confidence–in their future. And along the way, we’ll marvel together that it is one of Christianity’s biggest names who is giving us this insight today!

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