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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inGeneral

How Controlling People Try to Force Forgiveness

Reading Time: 6 minutes That’s what I saw in that one video that I wish I could find again. In the context of apologizing, an influencer got up on stage and began talking about her own apparent requirements for granting forgiveness. She told her audience that if someone comes to her admitting their mistake and owning up to it, then she forgives them. Ta-da! Very clearly, she was ordering her audience to do the same for her.

Posted inReligion

Plot Twist: Even Faith-For-No-Good-Reason Has Very Big Reasons

Reading Time: 11 minutes See, faith-for-no-good-reason doesn’t really exist. People who believe things that aren’t true actually have reasons for believing. They’re just not really compelling reasons to people who don’t share the same worldview. I’ll show you what I mean today–and why it’s important to sift through to those real reasons, even if it’s just about our own beliefs.

Posted inReligion

The Dark Origins of the Anti-Abortion Culture War

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last time we covered the mismatch between those two types of goals in apologetics. But that’s not the biggest mismatch there is. That honor belongs to the Christian culture war against abortion. I’ll show you what the mismatch is, how Christians bought into one of the cruelest, most hypocritical, most patently-dishonest, and most callously-engineered causes imaginable, and how you can tell that their culture war has nothing to do with what they say it’s about. Today we’ll start with just how this culture war got started.

Posted inReligion

Jerry Falwell Jr. Thinks Evangelicals are Forgotten People

Reading Time: 14 minutes Sometimes I see something a fundagelical wrote and just laugh, because it’s either that or get angry. Today’s laugh is provided by Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University. And I know that Liberty University generally provokes that kind of reaction from everyone except fundagelicals, for whom it is Most Serious Bizniss, but this was more WTF […]

Posted inReligion

Pick a Gear: Selling Contradictions.

Reading Time: 11 minutes The marketers in broken systems have this unfortunate tendency to sell two different and diametrically opposed things to potential consumers. It’s not just a Christian thing; it happens in most broken systems. People in them don’t see that they’re doing it, and the people they’re selling to may not even realize that’s why they distrust the sellers and reject their product. But it happens all the same.

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