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The Two Main Reasons I Left My Faith

Reading Time: 7 minutes A first-time visitor to Godless in Dixie asked me this week why I went from being a Christian to being an atheist.  I get this question pretty regularly, and I always like to take the opportunity to think back each time to see if the way that I myself understand the transition has changed any […]

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Presuppositional Atheism: Turning a Bad Argument Around

Reading Time: 9 minutes [Today’s guest post is written by Brian (aka “The Apostate“) who blogs over at A Pasta Sea.] Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a Presuppositionalist. I’ve discussed this briefly before, but having grown weary and suspect of the weaknesses of apologetic methods like Thomistic arguments and evidentialism, I turned to the seemingly-unassailable circularity […]

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It Gets Better: A Letter to Doubters

Reading Time: 4 minutes [Today’s guest post is written by Matt Oxley of Eastman, GA] I remember thinking – knowing really, during that indescribably difficult and painful time of my life when all of my doubts were finally being dealt with – that this darkness and self-hatred was something I was destined to endure until I died. I remember this feeling, hopelessness, being […]