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An Immaterial Mind Causing the Universe

Reading Time: 4 minutes The other day, I was sent an argument by a commenter on my video discussing the Kalam Cosmological Argument. For the full details of his arguments, please see my post here. William Lane Craig uses an extension to his Kalam Cosmological Argument to conclude that this an immaterial mind, qua God, is necessary to explain […]

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The Science of Near-Death Experiences (part 1)

Reading Time: 7 minutes As a skeptic, certain ideas and associated names often come up. Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) are one such phenomenon, and accompanying names and pieces include the 2014 movie Heaven Is for Real (the book it was based on has sold some 10 million copies and spent 206 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list); the bestselling […]

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Why Circumcision Is a Perfect Picture of the Christian Faith

Reading Time: 4 minutes For all the awkwardness evangelical Christianity displays around the subject of sex, Yahweh sure was obsessed with both the appearance and function of the male genitalia.  One biblical story explains that out of the blue Yahweh came to kill Moses one night, ostensibly because he was so infuriated that Moses’s son (who was only half […]

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Steve Novella on consciousness: dualism is the new evolution for theists (Part 1)

Reading Time: 7 minutes I was listening to a Reasonable Doubts podcast from a few years ago, and it was, as ever, cracking. This one was about consciousness, its hard problem, dualism, and how it, and neuroscience, are being co-opted as a philosophical area to argue for the “God of the Gaps” style argument in the same vein as evolution in the creationist and intelligent design movements.