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Oil imperialism and the struggle for human control over our futures

Reading Time: 4 minutes In March 2020, something unsettling transpired in the global economy. Okay, a few somethings. But while most of the world remembers the sweeping COVID-19 lockdowns, what happened between Saudi Arabia and Russia around oil production is not common knowledge. And yet, as Vladimir Putin has launched a military invasion of Ukraine, we cannot forget the […]

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MLM Coaches: Scavengers of a Declining Industry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Yesterday, I showed you the story of Kimbyrleigha, a social media influencer who did videos criticizing MLMs before joining one. In addition to joining one of these predatory schemes, she offers her fellow multi-level marketing scheme (MLM) participants a coaching service. In this decision, she joins a massive trend in the declining MLM industry: scavengers seeking to make a buck before the gravy train makes its last stop in town. Today, let me show you these scavengers — and how the scavenging trend relates to other declining industries.

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Examining Claims of MLM Success Amid the Pandemic

Reading Time: 6 minutes Lately, we’ve been talking about some recent developments in the world of multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs). I find those developments interesting because of the great number of similarities between MLMs and Christianity. Now we’ll zero in on one of the biggest areas of overlap: wild claims of success. Today, I’ll show you some of those claims, and what support exists for them.

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It’s A Really Bad Week To Be An MLM Shill

Reading Time: 10 minutes Today, I want to catch you up on news from the MLM world. In addition to being a really predatory faux-business model, it turns out that the companies and people involved with these schemes get in trouble constantly! Maybe the pendulum is swinging back around to sanity, however. Maybe. Come with me and learn what the MLM news is lately–and see why these companies’ owners probably don’t like being in the headlines lately!