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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inThe Secular

Faithless feeling: Does a lack of religion really ‘knock color out of life’?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Once upon a time, we lived in a place of magic and mystery. Everything from astrology to Zoroastrianism cast its spell over us. Then, by gradual shift or system shock, some of us stopped believing. The old stories withered. The world dried out. Everything was under glass, under the microscope, under our thumb. Now everything is known, or at least knowable. Boredom has stilled our once-shimmering world.

This story is told everywhere. And it’s false from beginning to end.

Posted inReligion

Anger in White Evangelical Men: A Hidden Scandal

Reading Time: 9 minutes Yesterday, we talked about Kent Hovind’s recent arrest for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. At the time, I noted that he’s always seemed like a very typical white evangelical guy: full of anger, entitlement, and control-lust. And yet evangelicals’ own marketing insists that Jesus  heals his followers of anger. So evangelicals’ anger actually functions as a contradiction to their own claims. Today, let me show you how pervasive anger is for evangelical men — and how their leaders try to contain the problem.

Posted inReligion

Churn Rate: When They Are Grown, Apparently They DO Depart From It.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Back when I was Christian, there was one Bible verse considered to be the ultimate Christian parenting guide–one that, by itself, was all anybody needed to know when it came to raising children. I bet you already know which one I’m talking about! But it’s also one of the Bible’s many false promises. Today we’ll touch on the way this verse has changed meaning over the years, as well as why it gives Christians unnecessary frustration–and unwarranted confidence–in their future. And along the way, we’ll marvel together that it is one of Christianity’s biggest names who is giving us this insight today!

Posted inReligion

Covenanters Anonymous: What the TVC-Jordan Root Scandal Means for Right-Wing Christianity

Reading Time: 8 minutes Recently we talked about the Jordan Root/TVC scandal, which involved a megachurch learning about a pedophile in their midst and mishandling that news in every way conceivable. Today we’re going to talk about how this scandal is another illustration of exactly why fundagelical Christianity is doomed and deserves to be so.

Posted inReligion

Something for Nothing: the Fear at the Heart of Christianity.

Reading Time: 10 minutes When I think about all the accusations and strawmen, all the gloating and smugness that seem such a great part of modern Christianity’s interaction with non-believers, I realize suddenly that beneath them all is fear–and most of that fear is stuff that every human being alive has to deal with on some level. The way these Christians are dealing with their very human fears is probably the worst possible way. They want the fear resolved, but they want it resolved as easily as possible and at the lowest possible cost of effort that can be managed.

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