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Prophecy: Why Evangelicals Can’t Deal With False Prophets

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we talked about a set of predictions made by Greg Locke, an especially cringey right-wing evangelical pastor. He drew upon evangelicals’ rich history of prophecy to make a bunch of predictions — none of which came to pass. And thanks to the way evangelicals engage with false prophecies and false […]

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Christianese 101: Greg Locke, False Prophet Edition

Reading Time: 9 minutes Today, I want to show you one of these false prophets, Greg Locke. He girded himself with Christianese in hopes of providing himself with plausible deniability. His predictions failed spectacularly, thankfully. However, his use of Christianese to do it caught my interest. Let me show you what he said, what it meant, and how cowards like him use this jargon to try to escape the consequences of their constant strings of failures.

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The Internet Monk’s Endtimes Predictions: Why He Was Wrong

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yesterday, we talked about a guy called the Internet Monk. He made a series of predictions about why and how evangelicalism was going to collapse in America within the next ten years. As we saw, some of his predictions came out more or less true, while others really didn’t. Today, we’ll cover his Endtimes predictions — and see why they won’t ever come true, no matter how hard Christians like him wish for persecution.

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Hunt for the Red Heifer: Suck-Starting the Apocalypse

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! Back when I was Pentecostal, most of my denomination obsessed over the Endtimes. Many of us had whole boxes full of diagrams and photocopies of prophecies and analyses. We thought this stuff predicted ‘the day and the hour,’ to borrow the Bible’s phrasing. Recently, I got an intense reminder of one […]

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