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Why degrowth is (still) wrong

Reading Time: 6 minutes Earlier this month, I wrote an essay against degrowth, the position that drastic reductions to the modern lifestyle are our only hope of saving the planet. I argued that, to the contrary, renewable energy promises a future of greater abundance even as we tread more lightly on the Earth. It’s the very rare case where […]

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Heat pumps will bring secular victory

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fossil fuels pay for Vladimir Putin’s war. The oil and gas that Europe buys from Russia become the bombs and missiles falling on Ukraine. If we had a way to break this dependence, if Europeans no longer relied on Russian gas to heat their homes, we could choke off Putin’s revenue and bring his invasion […]

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Why degrowth is wrong

Reading Time: 4 minutes Americans are obsessed with bigness. We build bigger and bigger houses. We drive bigger and bigger cars. We even eat bigger portions and consume more calories than anyone else, including more meat, the most resource-intensive of foods. In short, we idolize excess. We’re the richest society that’s ever existed, and we consume in a way […]

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Hurrah for Liberals: Clear Differences

Reading Time: 6 minutes By James A. Haught Many atheists also are progressive “social justice warriors” striving to make life better and more equal for everyone. They include Daylight Atheism contributor James Haught. Here’s a chapter from his 2016 book, Hurrah for Liberals. In tumultuous sociopolitical struggles, a frequent pattern is visible: Conservatives often fight to preserve their own […]

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What Do Some People Have Against the Environment?

Reading Time: 8 minutes For some reason, the environment is a trigger idea for right-wingers. The problem is that, as I have stated a number of times, the right takes free-market economics very seriously, but free-market economics cannot arbitrate for negative externalities. Negative Externalities What this means is that, if a company wants to make widgets, they have costs […]

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The Forest Is My Church

Reading Time: 3 minutes By James A. Haught A marvelous asset surrounds millions of Americans. Part of the public ignores it, but a significant group cherishes it. I’m talking about the lush forest covering vast regions, including eighty percent of my state, West Virginia. For woods-lovers, the forest is an enticing lure that’s freely available, almost everywhere you look. […]