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The leading edge of social justice is secular

Reading Time: 5 minutes As Israeli soldiers and settlers continue to brutalize, humiliate, and kill Palestinians with impunity, there is one major human rights organization in Israel documenting and protesting these crimes: B’Tselem. Given that B’Tselem is a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting for justice, human rights, and the alleviation of suffering, you might think it is a religious […]

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Gender Identity Debated

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have listened to the first speaker in this debate so far but will continue to watch the whole thing. But I just thought I’d share a couple of early thoughts. First, this is why debates about conceptual nominalism and realism are important. Once you understand the distinction, you will see how important one’s understanding […]

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Humanists Launch Project to Uplift Marginalized Writers

Reading Time: 2 minutes From the American Humanist Association: Today, the American Humanist Association (AHA) launches the Call for Voices project, which strives to increase the visibility of historically marginalized writers. This project was piloted in 2020 by the Feminist Humanist Alliance and LGBTQ Humanist Alliance and will now be a part of the AHA’s ongoing programs. The AHA will […]

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Freedom of Speech Advocates as Hypocritical Right-Wingers Wanting Permission to Offend

Reading Time: 4 minutes This is such a common problem; those who claim that they are advocates of freedom of speech merely do so because they want to be able to offend people freely and with no consequences. Rights should come with responsibilities, but in this context, it is more often about demanding rights but forgoing responsibilities. I know […]

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Reflections on Dawkins and the AHA

Reading Time: 9 minutes The AHA have just rescinded an award they gave to Richard Dawkins in 1996. It seems like this episode has created something of a hubbub in the skeptical community – itself a bunch of people loosely associating with each other by hanging around on atheist websites like this. Herding cats, and all that. The background […]

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