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Hunt for the Red Heifer: Suck-Starting the Apocalypse

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! Back when I was Pentecostal, most of my denomination obsessed over the Endtimes. Many of us had whole boxes full of diagrams and photocopies of prophecies and analyses. We thought this stuff predicted ‘the day and the hour,’ to borrow the Bible’s phrasing. Recently, I got an intense reminder of one […]

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The Idaho Earthquake Is NOT A Sign of the Endtimes, Sorry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Just as I was wrapping up my post yesterday evening, my state experienced a very strong earthquake. Immediately, fundagelicals leapt into action by declaring it a sign of the Endtimes. Today, let me show you a little bit about what this prediction involves, why fundagelicals keep making failed predictions like it, and what’s really going on here.

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Deconstructing the end of the world

Reading Time: 13 minutes Back in the 7th grade, I got invited to a weekend-long retreat put on by my church in homes scattered all over the city. It was still the mid-1980s, and the Cold War had not yet fizzled out, so we were still obsessed with whether or not the Russians were going to nuke us, a fact which preachers and […]

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The Israel Obsession: An Introduction to Christian Supersessionism

Reading Time: 8 minutes When it comes to fundagelical Christianity, few things make as little sense to outsiders to that culture as its collective near-obsession with all things Judaism. I’m going to start the party off by showing you the bizarre doctrinal belief of supersessionism, which explains why Christians have such a love-hate relationship with Judaism generally.