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Hearing loss, failing eyesight, and the struggles we try to hide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s talk about discrimination. Not the racial type: I’m talking about the ability of human hearing to discriminate, to distinguish the all-important but often whisper-subtle edges of what most people experience as the familiar sounds of vowels and consonants. For some of us, consonants are especially hard to discriminate among spoken sounds. Their delicate wisps […]

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In defense of fair-weather fans

Reading Time: 6 minutes OnlySky · In defense of fair weather fans | Jack Bowen The Fair-Weather Fan (FWF) is considered one of the most morally depraved individuals in (and out of) the sporting realm. They shift from team to team, demonstrating no sense of loyalty or allegiance, supporting whoever’s winning at the time, and ditching the loser they’d […]

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Thinking towards anti-essentialist ethics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Essentialism is antithetical to secular ethics. As a scholar in the humanities and social sciences, I teach my students about essentialism when I teach about identity. Essentialism, neatly defined by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic in Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, is the “search for the unique essence of a group.” They further discuss essentialism […]

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Tim Keller and the argument from morality

Reading Time: 10 minutes Reformed pastor Tim Keller devotes Chapter 9 of The Reason for God to regurgitating the Argument from Morality, which essentially states that without a belief in a Supreme Being, there can be no basis for moral restraint among human beings. This argument typically takes one of two directions: Argument 1: People who don’t profess faith in a […]

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Where Do Morals Come From?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Quite often I find myself in conversations with folks who feel that I left my religion simply because I wasn’t asked the right questions. Two of the most common questions I (still) receive are “How do you cope with the difficulties of life without believing in God?” and “If you don’t believe in God, how […]