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2022 Annual Report: Another bad year for the Southern Baptist Convention

Reading Time: 9 minutes Every summer, evangelical-watchers enter their equivalent of March Madness. Of the World Series. Of, dare I declare, the Super Bowl. That’s because every summer, the biggest evangelical denomination of ’em all, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), holds its Annual Meeting and releases its Annual Report. In every Annual Report, the denomination’s leaders share the SBC’s […]

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Why evangelicals keep trying to sneak into public schools

Reading Time: 8 minutes In West Virginia, public school students found themselves in the middle of a midday evangelical revival on school grounds. There is absolutely no way this should have happened or been allowed, and yet it was. But there’s a reason why it was, of course. Evangelicals are fighting for every single thing that’s important to them: dominance, cultural power, numbers, everything. And they know that victory will come to the side that owns the hearts and minds of today’s children.

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How Phanatik’s faith pool drained

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last week, popular Christian rapper Brady Goodwin, aka Phanatik, announced his deconversion. He released a video on his Facebook account describing how it happened. And his extimony perfectly illustrates a concept I call the faith pool. Today, let me show you what this concept means and how it worked for Phanatik.