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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

No Low is Too Low: #MeToo Edition

Reading Time: 12 minutes This time the guy digging frantically for an even lower spot in my estimation of Christians is Gus Eli Reinhardt, who wrote an absolutely shocking post trying to piggyback on the #MeToo movement by comparing a standard Reformed doctrine to a violent rape. Worse, he’s depicting this spiritual violation as a good thing. Here’s why Christians keep doing this, and why it backfired this time.

Posted inUncategorized

Roy Moore and How His Excuses Fail.

Reading Time: 17 minutes Roy Moore was simply acting out the fantasies of every red-blooded Southern fundagelical man–and now he’s getting criticized for what many men in his culture would see as livin’ the dream. He’s had a succession of lame excuses for his behavior, too, and he’s clearly just as outraged that these excuses are, themselves, being demolished far and wide. I’ll show you what his excuses are, how they fit into his culture, and why we are perfectly justified in rejecting them.

Posted inReligion

A “Second Glance” at the Subculture That Produced Roy Moore.

Reading Time: 17 minutes When the accusations began flowing against bigot-for-Jesus Roy Moore, that movie showed us exactly why Roy Moore almost certainly committed the crimes he is accused of committing. In this movie, we see the beginnings–the roots, if you will–of the worldview that has brought Christians in that end of the religion to a place where they enthusiastically support someone who routinely preyed upon underage girls. I’ll show you those roots today, and why they inevitably lead to such abuse.

Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Roy Moore and the Real Virtues of a Broken System

Reading Time: 15 minutes Roy Moore is someone who benefits from reaching the top of the ladder of a dysfunctional system that is possibly one of the worst out there. He does it by embodying his tribe’s virtues to the letter. I’ll show you what I mean by that–and what his system’s real virtues actually are. Worse, I’ll show you how Roy Moore may well have himself a lucrative career in politics thanks to how his broken system works.

Posted inReligion

A Safe Guess for Anona United Methodist Church

Reading Time: 11 minutes If my blog were a sort of News of the Weird of Christianity–and I suppose in some respects it is–then this scenario would definitely qualify as no longer weird enough to make the cut. But I noticed something interesting: that I could tell something important about a church just by seeing how its members and leaders react to a scandal.

Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Tony Waller and the Cruel Dilemma.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you folks remember Anthony Waller? He’s a youth pastor I discussed about a year ago who got caught with a lot of child pornography on his computer. At the time, I considered his story to be yet another entry in the ever-growing list of ways that Christianity is failing its own young people. There are some noteworthy updates to the tale that I want to briefly touch on today.

Posted inReligion

A Shell Game Played With Christian Predators.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Christian leaders have a terrible problem on their hands, and it’s only getting worse every day: what to do with the mounting numbers of increasingly-visible abusers and predators cropping up in their broken system. Today we’ll examine why this problem exists, how they’re trying to deal with it, and why those efforts are failing so dramatically.

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